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Shandong Aisun ECO Materials Co., Ltd. Compostable glove

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Our company has the monthly production of 500 tons of biodegradable material granulations and 25 special film- blowing machines which can produce 300 tons of plastic films. Besides, we have 35 fully automatic plastic bag-making machines. We can print different kinds of plastic products. Now we have a staff of more than 100 employees. 
Our company is specialized in R&D and productions of all kinds of plastic bags. specializing in R & D and production of the film-level biology-based materials . Now we produce film-level fully biodegradable materials including film-level fully biodegradable PBAT and cornstarch modified resin, PLA mollified film-level transparent resin, cornstarch bio-based degradable additive masterbatch, cornstarch bio-based degradable resin, altogether four categories of biodegradable products. 
They can be suitable for all kinds of plastic bag products which require film- blowing, casting, single / two-way stretch process . And the flexibility, strength, transparency can be adjusted according to the requirements. All our products meet the EU standards. And our products comprehensively passed through composting degradation test. And we also got the EN13432 certificate, USA ASTMD-6400 certificate, FDA food grade certificate, and so on. Our products are exported to Australia, Britain, Italy, America ,Brazil, Japan, South Korea , Denmark, France and other countries. Our company is the leading enterprise in quality and technology in this field in China.

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